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Comprehensive Physical Exam

From head to tail, along with communication with the client, the Doctor will check for any abnormalities or concerns


When the diagnosis requires further exploration ultrasound is available in clinic. 


The health of our pets teeth play a strong part in their overall health. Cleaning, polishing, extractions, periodontal treatments along with at home care can extend and improve your pets life.

Cold Laser Therapy

A surgery free, noninvasive treatment to reduce pain, inflammation and speed healing

Wellness Profiling

Weather you choose yearly or every other, our clinic provides bloodwork screening for your healthy pet at a discount. Early detection for disease is our best defense

General Surgery

Neuter, spay, exploratory, among others. 

In House Laboratory

Pre-anesthetic along with comprehensive bloodwork can be performed here in our clinic.

Vaccinations and Vaccine Conseling

Our staff can educate you on the importance of vaccinations & ones best suited for your pets needs.

Surgery Laser

Use of our laser is offered for all general surgeries and is standard for our specialized surgeries. 

Digital DR Radiographs

OFA certification along with general radiology services.

Complete Pharmacy

Home again microchips.

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